Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to Finding Hearth. This is my personal blog to document my Thoughts, ideas, questions, and philosophical inquiries. This is the journey of my life, the journey of a human being going through the world

My journey is to find my hearth. Hearth is the fireplace, it’s where people gather, where they share stories, where they go to feel warmth. Hearth is a place of warmth. A good hearth is a place where you feel human, whether alone or in good company. Hearth is Home.

I always loved camping. My favorite part is sitting in front of the fire. Watching the flames lick the logs or watching the coals pulse with the flames. The variations of color, the crackling noise, the warmth it gives of. It’s just comfortable sitting in front of a fire.

People are friendly around a campfire sharing laughs and stories. I want that feeling all the time. My journey is to find that to live life to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it from the wondrous joy to absolute despair.

I think everyone is doing this in their own way. Everyone wants to find that place they belong. The place the can be themselves, truly themselves. This is my story of how I am going to find it or should I say create it. For that is what I am building.


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