New Beginnings

Recently moved to a new city. I have taken the first steps on the journey. Now there is no going back. It’s a bit exiting, a bit scary, and a little sad. This is the biggest thing that I have ever done. To move to a completely new area where I know no one and have nothing but the backpack on my back.

My biggest struggle is staying positive. I keep doubting myself. Telling myself ” this is a mistake”,”you won’t be able to find a job”,”you are going to fail”. It seems bad, but when you spend a lot of time in solitude away from home, your thoughts often tend to go toward the negative. I have to consciously choose to be positive, choose to think of the good things; all the new places to see, the new people to meet. Even knowing this I still struggle with it, you have to struggle. Fight the good fight and all.

Another problem is just the sheer amount of time I have on my hands with little to do. I have to find creative ways to fill the time. Reading is my usual go-to but I want to have my own adventures now, not to read the adventures of others. Journaling helps calm my thoughts, walking is good both physically keeping active and as a means of exploring the city simultaneously.

Goals are to find a place to stay and a job ASAP. After I take care of being able feeding and sheltering myself, I will work on figuring out the next steps.

Other than that everything’s going good. Perspective changes everything. I choose to see this as a city full of opportunity. I’ve met with some bad on the journey but I’ve also met with amazingly good people. This is what I enjoy of traveling. I could meet 10 bad people but 1 good one wipes them all. Reminds me that they are just dealing with their own problems, it just happened to leak on to me. Also to make sure to deal with my problems on my own so they don’t have to leak onto random strangers who have done me no harm.

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